Listen to the Commissioned Pieces

Listen to extracts from our live album here.

Fanfare - Malcolm Edmonstone (feat. Mike Walker - guitar)

Happy Huw's Holistic Hangout - Jamie Safiruddin arr. Jo McCallum (feat. Steve Parry - trombone)

The Big Picture - Andy Schofield (feat. Mike Walker - guitar)

Robot Men - Iain Dixon (feat. Jake Jones - trombone)

On the Road - Andy Stamatakis-Brown (feat. Ben Everitt - alto sax)

Beartown Beat - Gwilym Simcock (feat. Mike Walker - guitar)

Binson's Lilt - Sam Rapley arr. Jo McCallum (feat. Charles McDonald - guitar)

Amarada - Stan Sulzmann (feat. Steve Parry - trombone)

Full Fat Funk - Dennis Rollins (feat. Charles McDonald - guitar)

Sunday Soul - Richard Iles (feat. Jack Beacall - piano)

No Matter What - Mike Gibbs (feat. Mike Walker - guitar)

Please see our composers' page for more information about the jazz artists we have commissioned. Thank you.