Feedback from those involved in the project

The music is challenging and gives plenty of room for improvising and general collective creativity. I think many would learn from such a wonderful opportunity.

- Mike Walker, guest guitarist

There is such an extraordinary generosity in much of the jazz community when it comes to passing on knowledge and encouragement to young people and this project has enabled our students to realise that these extraordinary musicians are also real people who started in bands at school just like them. The project raised aspirations but also made those aspirations feel much more attainable.

- Alastair McWilliam, Director, Music For Life

With the help of Mike Walker, the band really grooved through the commissions and it was a pleasure to be a part of that ... It was a unique opportunity to play music not played by others ... Performing this original music was great as you felt you were part of something special and very fresh ... I've played original music before but never in a big band context. I felt extremely fortunate to be able to put my own stamp on some of the drum parts for the band and all the pieces were phenomenal! ... I am sure the lessons learnt whilst taking part in this project will help my musical career in the future.

- Members of the Music For Life Big Band